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Affordable Laptop and Computer Repair in Roseville, CA

Cracked Screen

We fix all kinds of laptops! From MacBooks to Dell desktops, we have you covered. Take your busted computer and bring it here for a free evaluation. We perform a complete tear-down of your laptop and diagnose the issue. We'll repair the damage and have you back on your feet soon!

Data Recovery

Have you lost files on your laptop or desktop computer? The CellTech Computer Repair Center can help. We offer fast and affordable data recovery options for all makes of laptops, including Apple MacBooks, LG Windows Laptops & Desktops as well as Dell Computers & HP PCs.

Speaker Not Working

The biggest complaint with laptop speakers is that they are not loud enough. Have no fear, we got you covered. CellTech's engineers can work on any part of your laptop's speaker system, whether it's the membrane or mounting mechanism, to produce louder and more clear sound for your desktop, notebook or netbook!

Broken Keyboard

You don't have the time, or want to waste your time, to wait for your laptop or computer keyboard to break down any longer. What if we could get you up and running again? Don't give up hope! We can help. CellTech is the leading provider of IT services and supplies in Roseville. We provide all kinds of services that include laptop repairs, computer repairs, and repairs for all other brand names.

Water Damage

If your computer is damaged by water, don't panic. CellTech can help. Our team of experts has years of experience repairing water-damaged equipment and can help you get your computer running like new in no time.

Slow Performance

Do you hate that slow computer? Let CellTech fix it! We provide professional services for all PC and Mac users who don't know how to resolve a problem with their computer. You'll be pleased when you contact us and let us know what issues are currently plaguing your machine. We have the tools and expertise to get you back to a smooth operation!

Charging Port, Camera & Battery Replacement

We are a leading brand in laptop charger replacement and service of all kinds of cell phones, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices in CellTech. We also provide all kinds of repairs in CellTech which includes motherboard, LCD, camera and camera lens, battery, audio jack, and earphone jack replacement and repair, charging port, power button replacement rest, etc.

Buy & Sell Refurbished Laptops

The CellTech company is the leading company to buy and sell refurbished laptops and tablets, at affordable prices. We are committed to offering the best quality laptops at unbeatable prices. Our products, which include laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards before they are sold.